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RVshare is the largest online community for RV renters and owners. We celebrate more than 4 million nights renters have spent sleeping under the stars in the comfort of an RV from RVshare. Thanks to our more than 60,000 owners, renters can experience RV travel.

** Update May 6, 2024: As of May 1, 2024, Disney Fort Wilderness has implemented changes to its policy regarding RV rentals. Therefore, the winner of the Most Magical Giveaway will still receive an RV rental credit for RVshare. This credit will be applied to an RV rentals with one of Disney's featured providers which is also a partner of RVshare. We will try our best to accommodate the winner's needs given the new constraints. Thank you for your understanding.** 

RVshare and Roamaroo are teaming up to make your dreams come true! We're thrilled to announce our incredible giveaway where one lucky winner will embark on an unforgettable journey, courtesy of RVshare. Fashioned with an RVshare rental, campground stay, and travel credit, get ready to experience The Most Magical RV Trip.