Program Benefits

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Increase RV campsite reservations with RVshare

Increase reservations for RV camping spots 
Fill up vacant RV campsites on your property to make the most of every available space.

Earn additional revenue from completed RV bookings
In addition to making money from booking out your campsite, you’ll benefit from earning a commission through RVshare's partnership platform.

Park exposure on RVshare ‘Top Campground’ pages
Your campground will appear on our highly trafficked ‘Top Campground’ pages, where you’ll be acknowledged as an RVshare partner.

Become a recommended RV Delivery location 
With more than one-third of RV renters opting to have the RV delivered straight to the campsite, campground partners will be recommended as a delivery-friendly destination to drive more campsite bookings. 

List and rent on-property RV units for free
As a Campground Partner, you will have the ability to list on-property RV units on RVshare's marketplace at no cost. Partners will have exclusive access to RVshare's Customer Success Team to help you build, manage and optimize your listings.

Access to RVshare inventory 
List rentable RVs directly on your website to easily promote RVs near your campground location and encourage more bookings.

RVshare Campground Partner badge 
Earn a badge to be displayed on your website letting renters know that RV delivery reservations are accepted.

Increase ancillary revenue
Earn additional revenue from firewood, concessions, and other amenity-driven services and products due to increased campground volume.

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